Children.....the reason I smile

March 26, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Being a parent myself I know first hand how my daughter makes me feel.  I've known this family for years.  There are fun and silly, they've literally gone through hell and back,  but they are close and love each other strong.  I had the privilege of photographing this families kid's.  Let me tell you they are a barrel of laughs and smiles.  This little guy has a million different face and each one of them will pull a different emotion from you and let me tell you there all smile.  

Children seem to know just how to make you smile.  They know when your feeling down and how to turn you around.  When you sad they hug you.  When your down they stick there tongue out at you while blowing up there cheeks with air.  And when your alone on your couch they snuggle up to you filling your happy tank to overflowing.  


My daughter is while I smile.




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