Seattle...My City...My Home...My Playground

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Seattle...My City...My Home...My Playground


Night time really is an incredible time to go shooting.  One of my favorite things to do is get out at night just me and my camera and go exploring. Sure, during the day is fun and let’s be honest it's also a little safer. But what other times do you get all the lights on the buildings lit up?  When else does it seem like the business of the city has calmed down?  Exploring is something I've always enjoyed and taking my camera along for the ride has been a joy of mine for a long time.  Discovering various areas by just walking around and seeing what is out there is exciting. I'm constantly looking for what captures my attention, my eye, and what will tell a story?

Kerry Park located on Queen Anne in Seattle, WA is one of my favorite areas. The scenery is always the same whether it is day or night but the emotion of the city becomes so much more dramatic at night from this view point.  The various colors and lights against the night sky is mesmerizing. Being able to not only see this with my eyes but capture the moment brings me pure pleasure and delight because then I can share it with others. 

Exploring really is a great thing.  It gives you the freedom to go out and see sights that you may have never seen before.  To be able to choose if you turn right or left on a road that you may have never seen before, and to get lost and make an adventure of it can bring you to beautiful destinations you may have missed if you never set out to explore. 

So, next time you're out and about and you have to choose right or left...take the road less traveled and make an adventure of it. You never know what beauty you may stumble upon. 


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