Throwback Thursday....

October 20, 2016  •  1 Comment


Throwback Thursday is all about posting a photo of a favorite time from some time in the past. So, for today’s Throwback Thursday, I want to reflect on one of my most favorite experience sessions ever. 


The Logans. Tom, the dad and Kathy, the mom.  They have 2 kids of there own and 2 that they have adopted. The way you see them interact and they way they show love to each other or the way that they support each other you’d have no idea anyone was different.


It started off on a sunny Saturday where we met up at Bob’s Corn in Snohomish, WA.  What I thought was going to just be a normal experience turned out to become a life long friendship with this family.  Did I mention that the farm dog followed us around and not only attempted but succeeded to get into a few of the photos as well? It was a fun day indeed.


I really strive to make each session an experience.  I feel that it is important to connect and to understand each person involved.  This was no difference.  I had just started off dialing in the settings on my camera and the laughter started.  I instructed them just to interact with each other while I did my settings and away we went.  As you can see, everyone’s personality shines through in the photos above and the joy they had is shared in each moment. 


Truly one of my most favorite shoots filled with laughter, laughter and a lot more laughter.

I’m a lifeographer - I take pride in being able to understand each person, to be able to display their personalities and in the end not just have a life long client but also friend. 


The Logans. Yeah, they are my Throwback Thursday. 


Looks like a really fun session with a fun family. Love the location as well!
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