Why Photography....

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So, why photography?  Why did I choose a career that is saturated with so many others who take pictures as well? Why a career where almost every person walks around with a camera everyday in the form of a smartphone or a tablet?


For me it wasn’t a choice, photography chose me.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed capturing life’s little moments as they unfold in front of me. When faced with making a decision for what I truly wanted to do with my life, photography would not let me pass it by. It’s a passion within me. I could not deny the dream to create and capture every special moment I could. The sense that I get to help create an experience and then turn that experience into a lifetime of lasting memories fills me with joy. Knowing that years from now someone can look back and remember that moment in time and then share it with others makes me excited.


Definition of passion

        : a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something.


Photography is something that makes me feel unstoppable and fills me with a fire. I see photography as a challenge to

capture what I am seeing and then share that view with others. My passion for this art burns deep in my soul.

It’s a love within me; a need to create and capture that I crave every day. It’s something that gets me excited,

that drives me to push myself to the next level. PHOTOGRAPHY chose me and after several years

it has still has not let me go.


Let me share my passion with you.


Let me help you captures life’s moments and create an experience that will last a lifetime.



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