We’ll be at a location of your choosing within 25 miles of zip code 98208 (if farther then there's some extra charge... hey gas isn't free),  once we get there we will all gather together I'll do some test shoots getting my settings just right, and you... well I suppose if you have settings as well then this is the best time to adjust them.  

From here we will create a personal experience just for you.  Each experience with MICHAEL NOLEN Photography is different.  Whether it is for a graduating senior, or a family get together your experience will be specific just for you.

Once completed I’ll come home into my secret cave.  In this secret cave I'll preform my magic. I'll put together roughly 30-40 images that I feel will best represent the experience.  I'll upload those into a gallery and send you a link.  I'll also put said images on a personally designed thumb drive that I've made just for you.

We feel that the experience doesn't just produce some pictures, instead it’s artwork to be displayed on your walls and your offices.  That's why we have visited various labs and tested there products and are proud to represent them.

So your investment isn't really just paying for a photo session it's creating an amazing experience that you will remember for years.